Villa Ibiza Resort – for individualists

Villa Ibiza Resort has nothing to do with the snow-white, post-modern mainstream villas, which can be seen on high-class catalogues. The villa is a synthesis of Ibizan shoebox houses and bauhaus. Its warm terracotta tone blends soothingly with the blue of the sky and the green of the pines. It is a villa for individualists who want to live all by themselves on holiday and do not want to succumb to the regime of a trendy and short-lived flavour of life. This villa is discreet, humane and refrains from forcing a sense of time upon you. It casually gives precedence to the guests. The house is like a stage on which nature and the residents play the main role.


Only refined materials were used, which always become more beautiful with age. Like natural stone, concrete, teak wood and leather. The design is clear and without excessive decoration. There is a discreet elegance and natural ease with full comfort.


The idea is that you do not need to see the light source, but only the space that is being lit. According to lighting designer the most beautiful light emerges when it falls through thin rice paper and immerses the room in a warm, bright light without any glare.


The best thing is the association with nature, from every room you can step outside through a large glass door in to the open area. The wide double beds are made of teak, along with the teak wood shelves and desks they spread their characteristic scent. Since each room has its own, exclusive bathroom, one is in the privacy of his own realm at any time.


Deliberately kept minimalist and functional, only natural materials such as matte sandstone, limestone and glass were used. The design is simple and functional, designer fixtures from Fantini, bath tub from Philip Starck, pure design from Duravit.


In the ultra-modern, open kitchen the chef can look outside across the sea, while he prepares his Mediterranean dishes on the large gas hob. The spacious countertops are designed by the concrete designer Max Kant and we have found that guests tend to be attracted by this place and like to cook while engaging in a conversation with a glass of wine.

Swimming pool

Swimming season has started. 12 meters length is really sport.